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Tongkat ali in Bulgaria

By Serge Kreutz (2010)

Every day I receive email asking me: where can I buy tongkat ali (eurycoma longifolia) in Bulgaria (or, for that matter, any other country of the world).

Well, I don't know where and from whom. I don't even know whether anybody sells tongkat ali in Bulgaria at all. Probably not. But if there is, please feel free to register with this site.

Tongkat ali is new outside Southeast Asia. But it's the greatest consumer conquest by a consumption plant since tea made it out of China.

Many people like the stimulating effect of tea (conventional tea, that is). Conventional tea also has many recognized health benefits. Well, tongkat ali (as tea or as capsules) tops this all. It stimulates testosterone, and thus libido as well as muscular development. Because higher testosterone levels also improve metabolism, tongkat ali contributes to weight loss. Furthermore, tongkat ali (eurycoma longifolia) can prevent and cure cancer. All of this is well documented in scientific studies. Just search scholar.google.com and enter the search term eurycoma.

Bulgaria has hundreds of companies that distribute conventional tea and coffee. How can it be that tongkat ali is still so hard to find there? I am actually sure that anybody who starts now to distribute tongkat ali in Bulgaria is on a fairly save route to wealth, as one can expect for a rare product which is in high demand. Furthermore, the competitive edge for a Bulgaria- based distributor should be huge, as currently, those residents of Bulgaria who want to buy tongkat ali will have to order it from Indonesia or Malaysia, which can easily add 80 dollars to the costs of even a small order, plus two or more weeks delivery time.

And as I said, you can register your tongkat ali distribution in Bulgaria with me, and I list it free of charge on this page. (lo*r)

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